Saturday, February 14, 2015

Knitting and crochet projects

Basket weave knitted dishcloths. The purple shows the texture best. Purple is 7.75" by 8.25" Striped is 8.25" by 10".  I don't use them for washing dishes, just as hot pads on the counters and table.  I don't care about gauge with these, I just knit them.  If they come out more like 9" wide and I keep knitting til the yarn runs out, I'll get one that's closer to 9"x12" and will use that for a placemat.  Mr. Fred heats the breakfast plates, so we need something like this on the breakfast table!

Another knitted dishcloth that I use for a hot pad.  Knitting these is a good way to learn/practice a new stitch.  This one is 9"x9.25".  

I knit and crochet in the car when Mr. Fred is driving when we travel.  I can't sew/quilt in the car/truck, but I can knit.  I can also knit in very low light, especially a simple pattern, like the knitted pincushions that are somewhere on this blog, so those are good for long car rides at night or even at the movies.  I do this as well as other handwork - sewing, cross stitch, etc. - while watching TV.

Crocheted Coasters.  This are from a leaflet for coasters made from worsted weight cotton yarn. I prefer cotton for these and the dishcloth/hot pads.  Acrylic can melt if you put something hot on it, and it doesn't absorb moisture like cotton does.  These were leftover from a bunch I made for my 50-year high school class reunion.    I use leftover bits of yarn from the dishcloths to make coasters.  Sometimes, I'll do a set using the same pattern with one main color but different contrast colors.  That way, different people can keep track of which glass of lemonade is theirs.

This is just a thread crochet coaster/doily that I made with the worsted weight cotton.  It's my favorite pattern to make.  It reminds me somewhat of both a poinsettia and a snowflake, so I've done it in both white and red to use on the Christmas table.   These lacy doilies look complicated, but most are a lot easier than they seem.  The original pattern for this one has extra little picots (little points) on the edges, but I like a smoother edge on this particular pattern, so I leave them off.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I made this pillow and set of 6 coasters and 2 tissue holders for my niece whose favorite color combination is purple and black.  Straight line quilting on the machine, which shows best on the second picture.  Color is better in the first pictures.  There is no quilting at all in the purple pieces, so they stand out more.  Two pictures to show the plain backs of the coasters as well as the pieced fronts. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quilts for my great granddaughter!

Two quilts for my great granddaughter.  The crazy one is made partly with scraps from the quilt I made for her mother in November 2010.  I used 18 of the 20 fabrics from that quilt top, plus some strips from the back of it, and another 18 fabrics for a total of 39 fabrics on the top!  My husband said that it was too busy for a little baby, so I made the pink one.  The first one is from a book called String Quilt Revival.  The authors came to my quilt guild several months ago, and I bought the book.  It's called String Binky.  They said it was their least favorite, though it was the first one they made. They don't show a picture of it on their site.  The pink one is called Spinning Flowers and was in the December issue of the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine.