Sunday, January 4, 2015

Quilts for my great granddaughter!

Two quilts for my great granddaughter.  The crazy one is made partly with scraps from the quilt I made for her mother in November 2010.  I used 18 of the 20 fabrics from that quilt top, plus some strips from the back of it, and another 18 fabrics for a total of 39 fabrics on the top!  My husband said that it was too busy for a little baby, so I made the pink one.  The first one is from a book called String Quilt Revival.  The authors came to my quilt guild several months ago, and I bought the book.  It's called String Binky.  They said it was their least favorite, though it was the first one they made. They don't show a picture of it on their site.  The pink one is called Spinning Flowers and was in the December issue of the Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine.  

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